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Copic Marker

Copics are the best alcohol-based art markers in the world.

With a cult following of 400k+ fans on Instagram, this marker brand is nothing short of extraordinary.

I had the pleasure of working on the Copic brand for 5 years. I worked with a cross-functional development team to launch the latest build of the website. We used Shopify Plus and a variety of custom Shopify apps to house the 1k SKU e-commerce store and 100+ blog posts. This was a data challenge we were happy to tackle.

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Color Picker

Color Picker

The most time-intensive, important, and challenging aspects of the website was the Color Picker page. We had to think through interaction on this page from multiple devices, consider load times with 358 colors to choose from, and think through the number of clicks to buy from the main screen.

We opted for a 358 color layout which displays a popup modal when specific colors are chosen. This prompts the user to choose their marker type. Our research confirmed that most customers are buying colors and choosing a marker type second, so displaying color choices first was the priority.

Print Design

Print Design

I created several in-store materials for our distributors to pair with our merchandise displays.

I art directed a photo shoot for our entire product line, created hand-written fonts, and designed the layout for this Complete Your Collection in-store print.